Unremembered Loss


This site is primarily about the book I wrote, Unremembered Loss. However, many people want to know who I am and how I came to write this story.

My name is George Scribe. As you might guess, I spent most of my working years writing. The writing I did, while important, was not very challenging. The thirty years of writing for government agencies, and a few years for the church, did give me the tools I needed when I started to write biographies.

Besides the obvious form and structure, I learned how to conduct research and how to condense that research into the important details. I also made many friends at the great libraries of our country, especially my dear friend Roger, the librarian at the great library at White Water. Without these contacts I could never have found the depth of material needed to do the story justice.

During that time I also spent uncountable hours listening to bards sing their songs. I became fascinated with the art of story telling. In this story I have tried to take part of that art and weave it with the facts I have found. I know that some purest will look down at me for watering down my biography with colorful details, action and a bit of conjecture, but I think those things are needed if the reader is to truly understand what the subject of the story was going through.

I took about writing this story three years ago. It started with many months away from my family, traveling from library to library looking for records of Annay and the battle for Maple Grove. Even after my initial research was completed, I spent many weeks in the great library in White Water. As I started to write down Annay’s story, I discovered that I need to find some of the people who were there.

I was lucky enough to find several eye witnesses and spent many hours transcribing their stories. These insights spurred me on and brought depth to the story that I had not imagined. Finally. I found several journals, written by both Annay and Samuel Gees.

I then set about writing the story on paper. It took the better part of a year to write and rewrite the many pages of this story, and each time I worked on a part of it I was touched in a new way. What started as an interest and a way to occupy my time, became a passion.

In writing this story I have changed. The courage and the willingness to face oneself, and to become the person you were meant to be, has encouraged me to look at my own life. I believe that I am a better man for having gone through this process, and if for no other reason, I glad I have.